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Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

Kyphoplasty procedure – Percutaneous techniques to restore vertebral height after a compression fracture.  These techniques are designed to help prevent the progressive deformity that occurs when multiple compression fractures are left untreated in osteoporotic patients.

Radiofrequency lesioning of dorsal spinal rami – A percutaneous technique to destroy pain-producing spinal sensory nerves called spinal rami adjacent to the facet joints.  These nerves are frequently responsible for causing unilateral low back pain called facet joint syndrome.

Percutaneous endoscopic disc surgery – To remove lumbar disc herniations through a small tube under endoscopic monitoring.

Percutaneous lumbar facet cyst aspiration – A needle procedure to drain a cyst extending from a facet or joint in the back to relieve spinal nerve compression and pain.

Percutaneous spinal fusion – Using minimally invasive surgery, the surgeon can correct instability, restore disc height or provide additional support where needed in the spine.