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Major Spinal Surgeries

Artificial disc replacement surgery – To replace degenerated or damaged discs in the lumbar and cervical spine. This advanced technique preserves spinal motion while relieving pain.

Open laminotomies and discectomies – A surgical procedure to relieve nerve compression in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar

spine causing pain or weakness, i.e. drop foot.

Decompressive extensive laminectomies – In the cervical and lumbar spine for cervical and lumbar stenosis respectively, to relieve neural compression at multiple levels.

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion – For disc herniations and radiculopathy causing severe radiating arm pain.


Posterior cervical laminectomy and fusion – To relieve spinal cord compression causing gait dysfunction.

Posterior cervical laminoplasty – To enlarge spinal canal to relieve spinal cord compression without spinal fusion.

Multilevel anterior vertebrectomies and fusion with instrumentation – In the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine for anterior spinal cord compression and deformity correction.

Decompressive laminectomies with posterior instrumented fusions – In the cervical and lumbar spine for cervical and lumbar stenosis with deformity and/or instability.

Combined anterior/posterior approaches – To treat back pain with a fusion using appropriate instrumentation, including structural implants, pedicle screws, and various anterior and posterior plate and rod constructs.  These represent the latest techniques and approaches to treat back pain and minimize recovery times.

Complex revision spinal surgeries – Many patients have been referred to Dr. O’Brien after multiple previously failed spine surgeries.

Adult spinal deformity surgeries – We use Medicrea UnID™ patient-specific customized rods to achieve the most accurate correction of adult scoliosis.  These surgeries often involve spinal osteotomies (bone carpentry) to correct fixed spinal deformities and restore normal spinal alignment.  The Medicrea custom spinal rods are manufactured in Lyon, France to our specifications based on computer modeling using our patient’s digital x-rays.  This allows us to avoid guesswork in the operating room and achieve precise deformity corr